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“Learn from each other”


“The Nordic welfare systems have many similarities but also many differences. We can avoid many mistakes and save a lot of money by learning from the other Nordic countries,” said welfare researcher Gunnar Wetterberg, speaking at a seminar organised by Nordic Focus in Stockholm.

He gave examples such as the Swedish pension system, the Danish sabbatical year and the Norwegian health care system as being areas in which the countries should look at what their neighbouring countries have done instead of doing their own thing.

Gunnar Wetterberg is one of the authors of the Nordic book ´How is Nordic welfare doing´, as is Benedikte Thorsteinson from Greenland, who raised the issue at the seminar of how the strong Nordic welfare system pacifies people instead of helping them.

The Nordic Council of Ministers´ Secretary General, Per Unckel, emphasised that comparing experiences between the Nordic countries is a very important part of Nordic co-operation.