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March, 2010: Icesave vote a threat to global finance?
Ragnhildur Sverrisdóttir
Mar 02, 2010
The people of Iceland face the prospect of a referendum on the deal their government cut with the UK and the Netherlands in the wake of the Icesave collapse. Many commentators think it could constitute a threat to the entire global financial system if people are allowed to vote their way out of massive debt.
September, 2010: Elections in Sweden pure power game
Eva Franchell
Sep 17, 2010
The Swedish election campaign has been between the non-Socialist alliance's demands for tax cuts and the red-green opposition's demands for increased welfare. With only a few days left everything is pointing to a conservative victory. As we write, the government alliance is leading in all opinion polls.
The United Nordic Federation
Nov 01, 2010
Nordic politicians have a unique opportunity to shape the future of the Region for its people, businesses and culture.
April 2011: Populism takes over Finnish election
Markku Heikkilä
Apr 14, 2011
The Finnish general election is on Sunday 17 April. The election results are expected to be announced around midnight. That is about the only thing that can be said with certainty before this election. The advance of the populist True Finns Party, along with the crisis in the euro countries, has really stirred up the country's political patterns.
August 2011: A changed Norway
Aslak Bonde
Aug 16, 2011
"If one man can cause so much evil, just think how much love we can create together". This quote from a young member of the Labour Party circled the globe in the days after the mass killings and terror of the 22 July, and set the tone for the reaction by the Norwegian society. The warmth and sense of community were similar to what old people remember from the spring of peace in 1945. But autumn is fast approaching in Norway - with an election campaign, soul-searching and difficult weighing of pros and cons.
September 2011: Heading towards a change of government in Denmark?
Thomas Larsen
Sep 13, 2011
The leader of the Social Democrats, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, is the favourite to win the election in Denmark on Thursday, 15 September. She will have a tough challenge. She is leading a party that is on its way towards a disappointing result, and she will have to lead a disconnected coalition.
Februari 2012: EU har redan vunnit valet i Finland
Markku Heikkilä
Feb 02, 2012
Det finns två kandidater kvar som kan bli Finlands nästa president, men inte två alternativ. Samlingspartiets Sauli Niinistö och De grönas Pekka Haavisto har samma politiska linje i många centrala frågor och i synnerhet när det gäller Finlands EU-politik ligger de mycket nära varandra. Då de EU-kritiska kandidaterna blev utslagna i första omgången står valet nu snarare mellan de återstående kandidaternas personliga egenskaper än deras politiska inriktning.
Tidsskriftet Analys Norden nedlægges
Feb 09, 2012
Nordisk Ministerråds og Nordisk Råds on-line tidsskrift for politisk analyse, Analys Norden, bliver nedlagt i sin nuværende form. Sidste nummer kommer 23. februar og handler om den nordiske model.


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