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Nordic dictionaries

The web is a good source of useful dictionaries, including many in Nordic languages. This page features online dictionaries in one or more of the Nordic languages. Please let us know if we have missed anything out.

Ane Cecilie Blichfeldt

Several of the dictionaries have been funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Nordic Culture Fund.



  • A website with 40 free Danish/Swedish dictionaries, including searches of over 74,000 Swedish words and free help translating difficult words between Danish and Swedish.
  • Denmark has an education portal with a Danish/Swedish dictionary and a Swedish/Danish dictionary, both with excellent reference functions. The site also has a list of the special characters in the two languages (ø, å. ä etc.) for those you don't have them on their own keyboards. Free.
  • To use you have to pay a small fee but one of the reference works on it is an excellent Danish/Swedish dictionary.


  • Sprogbro is a Swedish/Danish dictionary, which started out as a private initiative. Updated regularly. Free.
  • The Swedish Academy Glossary (SAOL). Corresponds to the Danish Orthography Dictionary, although the search function is not quite as good as its Danish equivalent. Free.
  • The Swedish Academy Dictionary. A historical Swedish dictionary. Free.
  • The Swedish National Encyclopaedia has both a free section and a subscription section.
  • Projekt Runeberg is a collection of scanned dictionaries. All of them are free dictionaries and some are very old, e.g. eight different editions of the Swedish Academy Glossary (1874-1991, a Swedish Etymological Dictionary and a Swedish-Norwegian dictionary.
  • Rikstermbanken is Sweden's national term bank. Rikstermbanken contains terms and concepts on a wide range of subjects. The terms are mainly in Swedish but several of Sweden's minority languages are also covered, as well as other languages, including English, French, German and Russian. Rikstermbanken is free and open to all.


  • Faroese dictionary. Mirrors the printed edition but also contains corrections and new words. 
  • Sprotin: 15 free online Faroese dictionaries



  • A tool for conjugating and inflecting Icelandic words. Free.

Icelandic/various languages, including Nordic

  • ISLEX is a free dictionary which translates between Icelandic/Swedish, Icelandic/Danish and Icelandic/Norwegian.
  • Icelandic dictionary. Icelandic/English and Icelandic/Danish. Charges apply.
  • Orðabanki is an Icelandic dictionary which translates from Icelandic to other Nordic languages. Despite flaws – it often tells you that an ordinary word does not exist – this is one of the few tools that also includes Greenlandic. Free.
  • Icelandic dictionary. Translates to and from Danish, English, French and Spanish. Charges apply.
  • translates phrases between Danish and Icelandic. Audio of the Danish phrases is also available.



  • The website of the Greenland Language Secretariat includes a Greenalndic/Danish dictionary. Free.


Multiple Nordic languages

  • Nordisk Mini dictionary is an online dictionary for children and young people aged 10-12 designed to provide them with a tool to improve their understanding of the neighbouring languages.
  • Google Translate is very useful for translating or looking up words. It translates everything from individual words and expressions to entire websites or uploaded documents. The Nordic languages available are Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and Icelandic. Free.
  • Wiktionary is a wiki-based dictionary and reference site, which means anyone can update it and add information to the collection. Many of the Nordic languages are represented, although not all to the same extent.
  • Tvärslå is a collection of several online dictionaries in the Nordic languages. Free.
  • This page includes links to dictionaries that translate from one language to another, including several Nordic languages. Free.
  • The free dictionaries project provides access to free dictionaries in all sorts of languages. Among the Nordic ones are Danish, Swedish, Norwegian (Bokmål/New Norwegian), Finnish, Icelandic and Faroese – albeit to varying degrees, as the dictionaries in the smaller languages are not as extensive.
  • Freelang consists of a number of free dictionaries. From Finnish, Faroese, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and English and vice versa. If you mostly use a particular language, you can download it free.
  • Tradusa, is a free Scandinavian dictionary.

Glossaries and reference works on particular themes

  • Lexin’s Image Themes consists of glossaries that use audio and images to explain Nordic words. The glossaries are in Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Bokmål and New Norwegian.
  • This concise glossary of meeting terms lists words that are useful for meetings with people from other Nordic countries.
  • IATE, is a searchable database of EU-specific terms and expressions in all of the official EU languages, including Swedish, Danish, Finnish and English.
  • NAT (the Dictionary on Archival Terminology) is an archive of terms in English and the Nordic languages.
  • Nordlist is a searchable database of higher-education terminology.
  • Nordic traffic terminology.

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