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Kronikk: Den nordiske supermodel får nye kræfter
Manu Sareen, Bertel Haarder
- Vi skal udnytte det fulde potentiale i det nordiske fællesskab. I dag sætter vi punktum i en historisk aftale, der forpligter Danmark til at arbejde målrettet for at sikre den frie bevægelighed i Norden.
Nordic Cool
Jan-Erik Enestam
Kolumni Salon Seudun Sanomassa, 3 maaliskuuta 2013
Reflection on Nordic Co-operation, Past and Present
Jan-Erik Enestam
The Baltic Forum on Regional Co-operation Thessaloniki, Greece, 7- 9 February 2013
Play provocerar – om hudfärg på film
Seminarium om filmen som vann Nordiska rådets filmpris: Play. Med diskussion om hur människor framställs på film utifrån hudfärg och etnicitet.
Koulukiista tanskalaisittain
Jan-Erik Enestam
Kolumn i Salon Seudun Sanomat, 16/4-2013
Jan-Erik Enestam
Kolumni Salon Seudun Sanomassa, 30 marraskuuta 2012
Dette er en artikel fra Hallo Nordens nyhedsbrev 3/2012.
Conference: Discussing financial possibilities for Cultural and Creative Industries in the Northern Dimension Area, Warsaw, 4.- 5. dec.
The cultural and creative industries (CCI) in the Northern Dimension area have an impressive capacity for growth, so important in a time of economic downturn. This conference will highlight the sustainable growth potential in the cultural and creative industries and seek to bridge the gap between the industry, policymakers and potential investors.
Drop by Drop - om världens vatten
Caroline Jonsson
Utställningen Drop by Drop visas i samband med World Water Week i Stockholm 27-30 augusti.
Politicians can’t save the environment
Peter Bjerregaard
The Rio+20 summit will accentuate the management crisis that characterizes international environmental corporation. Politicians probably won’t agree on anything substantial. Instead, new networks – spearheaded by companies, NGOs and cities – will set the agenda for the future.
The Green Economy – A Panacea?
Johnny Åkerholm
Most people are prepared to express their support for the green economy. Some would also see the green economy as a vehicle for achieving other social and economic targets. At the same time, one cannot note any strong expansion of the green economy, at least not globally. Why such a discrepancy, and what could be done to reduce it? This is a wide subject, and I will only discuss some economic and financial aspects.
Greenland will speak the case of the indigenous peoples at RIO+20
Kuupik Kleist
There are very few places in the world where the indigenous peoples can control their own lives. It is therefore important that the measures agreed upon by the world's nations at RIO+20 respect the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
Greenland’s vision of the Nordic Co-operation on Sustainability
Palle Christiansen
The Nordic Strategy for Sustainable Development is the first regional strategy of its kind in the world. It helps to give Greenland a clearer voice in both the Nordic Region and around of the world.
Rio+20, June 18
Pam Pearson
Here in Rio, in the physical heat as well as the heat of last-minute negotiations, it is hard to imagine the areas of ice and snow that make up the “cryosphere.” Yet when it comes to the challenge of sustainable development, few communities face greater challenges than the peoples living in alpine and polar areas such as the Himalayas, the Arctic, and Andes.
Sustainably sustainable - the Nordic Way
Alexander Stubb
The Nordic model – Nordic capitalism that I prefer to call it – has proved that high living standards and well-being can be combined with clever and responsible environmental and resource policies. I am proud of this, but still, a lot more needs to be done.
The Arctic passes climate threshold
Peter Bjerregaard
Arctic CO2 levels have hit a milestone. Reaching concentrations not seen in the last 800,000 years, 400 ppm (parts per million) is now being measured all across the Arctic.
Economic growth - version 2.0
Connie Hedegaard
When I was born, we were 3 billion people on this planet. A child born today is one of seven billion, and more will come during its life time.
Who will bell the consumption cat?
Ninad Bondre
Once upon a time, on a faraway planet, a group of highly sophisticated beings were faced with a crisis. They had made great progress indeed, but it had come at a cost: profound changes to the planet’s natural cycles. Now their atmosphere was warming, their oceans acidifying and their food security was severely threatened. An emergency meeting was called to discuss possible solutions.
Norden kan inte agera ensam i klimatfrågan – en global syn behövs
Koldioxidprissättning betraktas allmänt som ett mycket effektivt verktyg för att minska koldioxidutsläppen. Genom att sätta ett pris på koldioxid ger man användarna och producenterna av fossila bränslen incitament för att minska förbrukningen och utveckla produkter och processer som orsakar låga koldioxidutsläpp.
Resurseffektiv hantering av livsmedel
I dag slängs hälften av all livsmedelsproduktion i världen. Livsmedel som slängs ger inte mat till någon och detta kräver en omedelbar förändring. Inom EU har ämnet politisk prioritet och det har föreslagits att 2014 eller 2015 ska bli ’Food Waste Year’. . I de nordiska länderna finns det politisk fokus på livsmedelsspill i produktionskedjan såväl som hos konsumenterna. Nordiska ministerrådet har satt fokus på ekodesign i produktion och distribution av livsmedel via en webbplats med information och idéer till detaljhandelssektorn.

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