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Meetings, conferences, theme days and sessions within Nordic Co-operation.
Nordic Cities – looking beyond Paris!
Date: Dec 03, 2015 to Dec 03, 2015
Nordic cities are in varieties of ways at the forefront of the global shift to more sustainable economies and societies. The cities have taken the lead and make a difference through own climate actions and by aiming at becoming Carbon Neutral in relatively short time. BUT, how can cities help each other and how cannational governments and cities collaborate in today’s globalized and urbanized world.
Det Nordiske Arbejdsmarked
Date: Dec 03, 2015 to Dec 03, 2015
De Nordiske Arbejdsmarkedsmodeller i Global Konkurrence FTF, AAU og Foreningen NORDEN er værter på konferencen, som afholdes som en del af de aktiviteter, der bliver gennemført i forbindelse med den danske regerings formandskab for Nordisk Ministerråd 2015.
Nordsyn – Nordic market surveillance cooperation for ecodesign, energy labelling and circular economy
Date: Dec 03, 2015 to Dec 03, 2015
Nordsyn is a Nordic cooperation project on market surveillance of ecodesign and energy labelling. The project was initiated by the Nordic Ministers of Energy. Ecodesign and energy labelling are expected to help saving 10% of energy use in the EU by 2020, which is half of the EU 2020 goal of 20% decreased energy use. Efficient market surveillance is essential if this is to be realized and Nordsyn aims to improve the efficiency of Nordic market surveillance.
Nordic Marina: Making maritime applications greener
Date: Dec 03, 2015 to Dec 03, 2015
The Nordic countries are in an excellent positition to take the lead in the development and deployment of zero emission solutions in the maritime sector. For the past years the focus has largely been directed at transportation on land, now it is time to take the eco-revolution to the maritime sector.
Fire in the Fields: Addressing Open Agricultural, Field and Forest Burning to Decrease Black Carbon and Increase Adaptation and Crop Yields
Date: Dec 04, 2015 to Dec 04, 2015
Open burning is the largest single source of black carbon globally, yet this practive has a devastating impact on soils and crop yields, as well as the climate. Discussion of lessons learned from Nordic projects in Russia and Ukraine and how these are being applied globally with the Climate and Clean Air Coalition. Organized by NEFCO and the International Cryosphere Climate Initiative.
The Nordic electricty market, how regionale cooperation can contribute to reaching climate goals
Date: Dec 04, 2015 to Dec 04, 2015
The Nordic electricty market is by many considered to be the most developed electricty market in the world. The different countries are tightly linked together were different sources of production and consumption patterns are utilized in an effective manner. The Nordic countries have for a long time worked together (ministries, TSOs, regulators) to continuously develop the market.
Enhancing climate change mitigation ambition – ways forward via technology cooperation
Date: Dec 04, 2015 to Dec 04, 2015
Is technology cooperation a vital factor for increasing climate change mitigation ambition? Welcome to discuss concrete messages and examples for the Paris agreement, and beyond.
Ocean Challenges and Innovation
Date: Dec 05, 2015 to Dec 05, 2015
Discussing the challenges faced by the Arctic Ocean due to climate change. The strength of solutions through public-private and cross-border cooperation for innovation and policy development. Presentation of clean-tech solutions for environmental management in the marine sector.
Black Carbon in the White Arctic
Date: Dec 05, 2015 to Dec 05, 2015

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