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Meetings, conferences, theme days and sessions within Nordic Co-operation.
Conference call NKG
Date: May 27, 2015
Preparation for NKG's autumn meeting
Meetings of the Nordic chemical group 2015
Date: May 27, 2015
Conference call
Growth in Blue Bioeconomy
Date: Jun 02, 2015 to Jun 03, 2015
Conference hosted by the Faroese Ministry of Fisheries as the chairman for the Nordic Fisheries cooperation in 2015. The conference will provide an overview of the huge growth potential in marine bio-economy. The target audience is ministers, parliamentarians, industry, investors, decision makers and policy advisers. The focus will be on necessary political initiatives to support growth. The Nordic Marine Think Tank is responsible for the organisation of the conference. The conference has three themes: Theme I: Blue Growth at the global and regional level Theme II: Potential growth in Marine Industries Theme III: Structures hindering or promoting Blue Growth. Registration is now open. Please follow the external link below.
The Nordic Council summer meetings 2015
Date: Jun 22, 2015 to Jun 26, 2015

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