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Artists against food waste

The 15 finalists in the Nordic-Baltic ad competition on food waste have been chosen. Together they make a strong statement on the need to address this growing problem


Support a better world by Thórdís Claessen from Iceland was the Public vote winner in the Nordic-Baltic ad competition.

Thórdís Claessen

Almost half the entire food supply in the world is wasted between the farm and the fork. A third of all food actually produced globally is wasted.

To put a spotlight on the issue of food waste the Nordic Council of Ministers along with the UN Information Centre in Brussels have launched a Nordic-Baltic competition on how best to illustrate the problem through a newspaper ad or a poster.

Now the 15 finalists of the competition have been chosen and can be seen at

Of the top 15 entries more than half or 8 came from Denmark, 2 from Estonia and Latvia, and 1 from Iceland, Russia and Sweden, respectively.

Food waste tour

The 15 finalists will be displayed in a number of Nordic and Baltic cities and used in the UNEP campaign Think.Eat.Save.

The first stop will be the Nordic conference on sustainable development, the Art of Co-creation, held in Umeå, September 17-19.

The first prize in the competition will be handed over by the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Secretary General, Dagfinn Høybråten, at a ceremony taking place during a major food waste event organized by the Think.Eat.Save partner Stop Wasting Food in Copenhagen, Denmark, on October 4.