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Do we eat too much sugar?

How much sugar do we eat in the Nordic Region, and what lifestyle diseases are caused by excessive sugar consumption? A major supervisory conference will discuss these and other issues in Lillehammer, Norway, 26-27 February.


The conference will bring together just over 200 participants from the whole of the Nordic Region, primarily food inspectors but also representatives from, for example, the food industry.

Sugar consumption is a highly topical issue, and one aspect that the conference will discuss is labelling the sugar content of various products. The use of sugar is also the subject of a major study by the Nordic Council of Ministers this year.

Misleading and downright false marketing are other important items on the conference agenda. The overall theme of is "The Weakest Link in the Food Chain" and issues such as food hygiene will also feature prominently on the agenda.

The conference is being organised by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority with the help of funding by the Nordic Council of Ministers.