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Interest in 'Hello Norden' grows

Interest is growing in the Nordic Council of Ministers' information service Hello Norden. The number of enquiries increased by 68 % to 2,989 in 2005.


The number of visitors to the Hello Norden website grew by now less than 250% to 221,000 in the same period. Most official bodies around the Nordic Region and the Nordic embassies – the channels through which most people come into contact with the service – now know all about the Hello Norden.

In 2005, the Hello Norden web portal was also linked up with the virtual Nordic tax portal, Nordic eTax. A special business portal has also been set up to facilitate business start-ups in other Nordic countries. Within the next couple of years, it is hoped to link a Nordic social insurance portal to the Hello Norden web portal as well.

The Nordic Council of Ministers hopes that gathering all relevant information for private individuals and as much as possible for official bodies and businesses in one place like this will improve mobility in the Nordic Region.