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New issue of “Green Growth the Nordic Way”: Focus on gender issues and fossil fuel subsidies

The latest articles on focus on the coupling of development aid with climate policy and on gender issues as an integral part of the green growth agenda.


NCM Secreatary General Dagfinn Høybråten recently particpated in WEF’s “Summit on the Global Agenda”, focusing on the importance of regional actors and organizations in the world today.

Building bridges is an important part of being an international governmental organisation.Regional actors like the Nordic Council of Ministers play a useful role in promoting global issues, as they understand the global dimension as well as being aware of the local realities.

In this issue of “Green Growth the Nordic Way” we explore two areas where the Nordic countries have played a central role globally, namely development aid and equal rights.

The two feature articles in the magazine focus specifically on the coupling of development aid with climate policy and the coupling of gender issues with the green growth agenda at large.

In both cases, the art of building bridges is at the core of the projects involved, trying to explore new ways towards sustainable growth.

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