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Nordic campaign against child pornography

The Nordic justice ministers have launched a joint campaign against child pornography and other crimes against young people committed on the Internet.


The Nordic justice ministers and national police chiefs met on Tuesday in Ystad, home of author Henning Mankell's world-famous fictional detective Kurt Wallander, to discuss measures of dealing with child pornography. The ministers had previously asked the police chiefs to draw up a joint strategy to combat child pornography. The strategy, which was discussed at the Ystad meeting and is based on a report by a Norwegian working party, enjoys the support of the national governments. It consists of five main points:

• Setting up a joint Nordic distribution server to disseminate technical information about images of abuse, e.g. information that will help identify digital finger prints and can be used to sort and identify images during child pornography investigations.

• Closer police co-operation on the ground via joint training about sexual abuse and child pornography, which will provide the basis for united and more efficient crime fighting.

• A new Nordic project to develop software and technology for use in online investigations.

• Technical systems will be introduced in each Nordic country that enable users to provide tips about abuse direct from websites.

• Closer international police co-operation to prosecute abuses committed outside the Nordic Region.

"Crime increasingly transcends borders, so we need to work more closely together at Nordic level. The constructive and practical spirit which has characterised the work of the Nordic police chiefs' on this topical issue provides a good basis for future co-operation," the ministers wrote in a joint opinion piece in Wednesday's edition of the Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan.

The Ystad meeting was hosted by the Minister of Justice, Beatrice Ask, and forms part of the Swedish programme for the Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers 2008.