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Norwegian-Danish winner of the Nordic Council's design competition

When the Nordic Council awards its prizes all together for the first time, and broadcast live on television in all the Nordic countries, the winners will take home a unique prize statuette which is the result of a competition amongst young and innovative art and design students from the whole Region. "The statuette is clean, simple and timeless, as Nordic design is known for", say the winning team Astrid Wiwel from Denmark and Linn Wie from Norway.


"It is huge to think we are taking over from a 50-year old tradition of awarding diplomas and we are extremely proud to have this commission on our CVs", say Astrid Wiwel from Denmark and Linn Wie from Norway, who both think it is a "great honour" to have designed the object that will symbolise the Nordic Council prizes in the future.

NORTHERN LIGHTS. Artists: Linn Wie and Astrid Wiwel

The new prize statuette will be awarded for the first time to the winners of the Nordic Council Literature, Film, Music, Nature and the Environment and Children and Young People's Literature Prizes at a gala show in the Opera House in Oslo on 30 October 2013, in conjunction with the Nordic Council Session. NRK's will broadcast the gala on TV to all the Nordic countries, in co-operation with the other Nordic public service channels.

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(Northern) Lights in daily life

The title "Northern Lights" reveals that the pair used the Aurora Borealis as their main inspiration for the statuette.

"The Northern Lights are a fantastic phenomenon which we in the Nordic countries have a special relationship to. We have transferred the green colour nuances which occur most often in the northern lights to our statuette. Also, the statuette will be awarded to prize winners who shine a light on daily life, either through their art or their positive environmental initiatives", say Astrid Wiwel and Linn Wie.

The Nordic Council chose the winning design after a final round with 10 beautiful works of art from students in all the the Nordic countries.

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You can also learn more about the winners Astrid Wiwel and Linn Wie on their respective websites; and


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