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Surprisingly strong support for United Nordic Federation

A brand-new opinion poll has revealed that 42% of people in the Nordic Region are positive or highly positive about amalgamating their countries.

Oct 29, 2010

More than one in three Nordic citizens are positive about merging their countries in a political federation. Concerns about the future of the welfare state and the Region’s international influence were cited as the main reasons for people’s positive attitude towards the idea of a federation with a joint constitution and a single head of state.

These findings emerged from a recent public-opinion survey about Nordic co-operation. It shows that the people of the Region are generally very happy with the idea of political co-operation with the neighbouring countries. 78% are either positive or highly positive, and a significant majority (56%) favour closer co-operation.

The study also shows that 40% are negative and 18% very negative about an actual political union. The main reasons cited are concerns about the loss of local democracy and national identity.

The study, by Oxford Research, comes ahead of the launch on 1 November of the Swedish historian Gunnar Wetterberg’s book United Nordic Federation. The author caused something of an uproar last year when Dagens Nyheter printed his proposal for a revival of the Kalmar Union, with Queen Margaret as the joint regent.