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True Finns and Danish People's Party form new group

The True Finns and the Danish People's Party are to form Nordic Freedom, a new party-political group on the Nordic Council based on Euro-scepticism and criticism of immigration policy.

Magnus Fröderberg/

"We studied the Danish People's Party's political programme in detail and ascertained that its opinions correspond closely to those of the True Finns. If I was Danish, I would join the Danish People's Party," says Juho Eerola (sfl), who will chair the new group.

The True Finns and the Danish People's Party already work together in Europe of Freedom and Democracy Group (EFD) in the European Parliament. Euro-scepticism and a critical stance on immigration are the factors that most strongly bind the two parties together on the Nordic Council as well.

"It is on these matters that our opinions differ from the other party groups on the Nordic Council. The new group will promote debate at Council level," said Marie Krarup MP of the Danish People's Party.

Until now, neither party has been part of a group on the Nordic Council, and according to Eerola this means that they have been excluded from important political discussions. Party groups are represented on the Presidium and receive funding.

Nordic Freedom will present its political programme during the spring.