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Youth cultures and drugs

What do you people think about taking drugs? What influences and controls their personal decisions? The anthology Drugs and Youth Cultures - Global and Local Expressions looks at various youth sub-cultures and illustrates how Nordic youngsters think about the issue.


Recreational drug use is a natural, or even inherent, component of a number of youth sub-cultures. Some of them are epitomised by advanced slang and hierarchies of values, which would remain a barrier between young people and society in general if they were to remain unexplored.
The anthology, the first of its kind, is by researchers from Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. The editors are Dr. Philip Lalander (Sweden) and Dr. Mikko Salasuo (Finland). Themes covered in the book include:

· drugs in Danish techno-culture

· the Finnish ecstasy market

· the drug culture among young backpackers and Interrailers

· the street culture of young Chilean immigrants in Stockholm

· how drug and alcohol use are described and interpreted in Finnish youth publications.

· drugs in Swedish nightclubs.