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Latest videos from the Nordic Council and Nordic Council of Ministers and affiliated organisations.

Nordic Matters

What is New Nordic Climate Solutions?

The vision for a bio-based economy in Europe

How to make the region attractive to international talents?

It’s important to challenge the consumption of fast-fashion

Dagfinn Høybråten on introducing alternative resources into the fashion industry

Poul Nielson on the EU pillar of social rights

Pohjoismainen joutsen/Den nordiska svanen (svensk textning)

Poul Nielson om den europeiske pilar for sosiale rettigheter

- Det er en grønn tråd i Norges formannskap

Meet the winners of the 2016 Nordic Council prizes

Mikael Höysti on EUSBSR

New Nordic Climate Solutions at COP22

How can the Nordic countries achieve the climate goals?

Introducing Mathilde Emilie Thue, Youth Ambassador for New Nordic Climate Solutions at COP22