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Committee for Growth and Development in the Nordic Region
Date: Apr 19, 2016 to Apr 19, 2016
The Committee for Growth and Development in the Nordic Region will hold its April meeting Oslo, Norway.
Committee for a Sustainable Nordic Region
Date: Apr 19, 2016 to Apr 19, 2016
The Committee for a Sustainable Nordic Region will hold its April meeting in Oslo, Norway.
April meeting of the Presidium
Date: Apr 19, 2016 to Apr 19, 2016
Præsidiet afholder deres aprilmøde i Oslo, Norge.
Baltic Sea Region Bioeconomy Council, 1st meeting
Date: Mar 01, 2016 to Mar 01, 2016
The Baltic Sea Region Bioeconomy Council is a result of the cooperation efforts that have since 2013 aimed at developing a sustainable circular bioeconomy in the Baltic Sea Region. These efforts take place within the context of the European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, within which the NCM, as previously said, coordinates the cooperation on bioeconomy. This meeting will be their first.
”Achieving e-Quality by Connecting the Region”, the Annual Forum for the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region
Date: Jun 15, 2015 to Jun 16, 2015
The theme of the conference "Achieving e-Quality by Connecting the Region" used the Latvian chairmanship programme as a point of departure and primarily focused on how the digitalization of society's different functions can change and improve the life of people living in the region. The Swedish crownprincess Viktoria attended the conference and gave a very appreciated speech encouraging to an increased activeness and responsibility. The Nordic Council of Ministers stand at the conference had the mian theme "Bioeconomy", and here the new website was introduced. The website's interavtive map where you can click on a country and see information concerning the country's participation in workshops and projects, was very popular.
EUSBSR Annual Forum
Date: Nov 08, 2016 to Nov 09, 2016
The overall theme of the 7th Strategy Forum is the future of the Baltic Sea Region and how to achieve a common vision for 2030. The slogan for the Strategy Forum is: One Region, One Future - Vision for the Baltic Sea Region 2030" The event is hosted by Sweden together with the Nordic Council of Ministers and in close cooperation with the European Commission.
EU Bioeconomy Stakeholder conference
Date: Apr 12, 2016 to Apr 13, 2016
Conference organized by the Dutch EU Presidency, co-organised by the Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs and the European Commission. A conference session will be conducted by NCM under the name "Blue Bioeconomy, Nordic Perspectives".
Opening and Clustering Bioeconomy Sectors
Date: Oct 15, 2015 to Oct 15, 2015
The Nordic Council of Ministers, Ministry of Agriculture of Latvia and Latvia University of Agriculture convene a stakeholder forum 'Opening and clustering bioeconomy sectors' in Latvia, Jelgava in order to seek joint political endorsement and explore cross-sector potential of bioeconomy. The role of the Nordic Council of Ministers as a leader of Priority Area Bioeconomy under the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region anchors this forum to a wider agenda.
Launch of "Nordic Statement on Innovative Climate Finance"
Date: Dec 08, 2015 to Dec 08, 2015
International climate finance is crucial in order to support the global transition to a low-carbon and climate resilient sustainable development. Public finance plays a key role, especially to support vulnerable countries with limited institutional capacity but governments cannot achieve this transition alone. The private sector is integral to develop innovative climate finance solutions in the fight against climate change.
Indigenous peoples of the Arctic and Climate Change
Date: Dec 07, 2015 to Dec 07, 2015
The Arctic region is the nexus of climate change in the North. Climate change is already having visible effects on peoples living in this region, as well as their livelihoods. An increase of the global average temperature by 2 degrees Celsius could lead to an increase by more than six degrees in the Arctic region, threatening to destabilize the lifestyles of indigenous populations in the region within a generation. This side event will discuss these climate related impacts, places to work together and the role of youth in the future of the north.
How can Rudolf help the climate - and not only Santa? And why are Northern boreal forests as important as rain forests?
Date: Nov 30, 2015 to Nov 30, 2015
Nordic research shows that: -Reindeer maintain the albedo by eating and trampling vegetation. More vegetation will make the Tundra darker, as brush and trees protrude out of the snow, and thus reducing the albedo. -The Boreal ecosystem bind carbon, in the ground and in the trees. In addition, the trees emit hydrocarbons that will lead to particle formation. This is part of the reason why the Boreal forests at Northern high latitudes are equally important as the rain forests in a climate perspective.
Sustainable transformation - Nordic experiences of NAMAs as building blocks for INDCs
Date: Nov 30, 2015 to Nov 30, 2015
The side event provides practical insights on how NAMA development helps achieve sustainable impact and contribute to sector wide transformation, build the foundation for calculations and implementation of INDCs and national targets. Focus on Nordic financed NAMAs in Asia, Latin America and Africa.
Better regulation – How can we use standardization to fight climate change?
Date: Dec 03, 2015 to Dec 03, 2015
Hopefully, political leaders at COP21 will agree upon fair, ambitious and rule-based goals to fight climate change. A remaining question will be how to implement the decisions in a robust and unbureaucratic way, and at the same time improve the quality of living and secure jobs and economic growth.
The Rise (and Risks) of Green Financing
Date: Dec 07, 2015 to Dec 07, 2015
Come and enjoy lunch with us and listen to how the rise of green financing will help societies to achieve their climate goals
Innovative Green Investments and Finance for a Competitive Low-Carbon Transition
Date: Dec 08, 2015 to Dec 08, 2015
Presentation and discussion of proposals for innovative financing mechanisms and policy instruments for a carbon-neutral society by 2050, in both a Swedish and a Nordic contexts.
Ocean Challenges and Innovation
Date: Dec 05, 2015 to Dec 05, 2015
Discussing the challenges faced by the Arctic Ocean due to climate change. The strength of solutions through public-private and cross-border cooperation for innovation and policy development. Presentation of clean-tech solutions for environmental management in the marine sector.
Geothermal Direct Use
Date: Dec 08, 2015 to Dec 08, 2015
Approximately 50% of energy consumption in the EU comes from space heating and cooling. Heating represents the largest part of this load and by transitioning away from fossil fuels towards renewable resources, such as geothermal, CO2 emissions could be cut significantly. The session will give insight into the potential impact of direct utilization of geothermal energy on energy security, greenhouse gas emissions, improved quality of life, and lower heating costs.
National government, Nordic Cities and Mayors Looking beyond Paris
Date: Dec 03, 2015 to Dec 03, 2015
On the 3rd of December between 10:15 AM - 11:45 AM During COP21 in Paris, the Nordic Mayors and Cities initiative in collaboration with the Nordic Council will be hosting a strategic talk on Climate Strategies and actions beyond Paris.
Wood You Believe in Forests?
Date: Dec 01, 2015 to Dec 01, 2015
Sustainable use of wood in Finland and Sweden provide for an advanced bioeconomy, with variety of forest industry products as well as bioenergy. At the same time, carbon neutrality is maintained and carbon storage in forests are actually growing. The Nordic climate solution is sustainable forestry.