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Carbon Subsidies and Climate Change
Date: Jun 02, 2015 to Jun 02, 2015
SB42 UNFCCC negotiations discussing Carbon Subsidies and Climate Change - How to include emissions reductions from fossil fuel subsidy reform within nationally determined contributions.
One Health from a Nordic perspective - Antibiotic resistance, a threat to human health
Date: Apr 22, 2015 to Apr 22, 2015
Seminar in European Parliament: room ASP 1E1, 22 April 2015, 12:30-14:00 Hosted by MEP Christel SCHALDEMOSE
Debatmøde: Ansvar for Arktis
Date: May 11, 2015 to May 11, 2015
Nordic Baltic Bioenergy, 14-16 April 2015 in Riga, Latvia
Date: Apr 14, 2015 to Apr 16, 2015
The Nordic Baltic region has the highest share, as well as the fastest increase, of renewable energy in EU. The natural conditions for bioenergy are very favourable in all the Scandinavian and Baltic countries, with good farmlands and productive forests. In the Baltic states, the dependence on imported fossil fuels is an economical and political challenge. At the same time, the indigenous biomass resources are abundant. Therefore, bioenergy offers an opportunity to decrease the import dependency, reduce costs, and create business development and jobs in the domestic economies. The technical solutions are available. At the Nordic Baltic Bioenergy Conference we will share experiences and present state-of-the-art technologies, e.g. in the fields of biobased combined heat and power, pellet production and use, and biofuels production from cellulosic feedstocks. We will discuss market development and policy instruments. But above all, we will meet, talk and make business. The Nordic Baltic Bioenergy Conference Riga is this year’s largest regional conference in the bioenergy sector. Nordic Baltic Bioenergy Conference is an associated event of the Latvian Presidency in EU Council and takes place adjacent to the EU Energy Ministers’ Council on April 15-16, 2015 in Riga. Latbio and Svebio wish you all most welcome to Riga to share knowledge and opportunities to develop sustainable and profitable energy solutions.
Meetings of the Nordic chemical group 2015
Date: May 27, 2015
Conference call
Conference call NKG
Date: May 27, 2015
Preparation for NKG's autumn meeting
Growth in Blue Bioeconomy
Date: Jun 02, 2015 to Jun 03, 2015
Conference hosted by the Faroese Ministry of Fisheries as the chairman for the Nordic Fisheries cooperation in 2015. The conference will provide an overview of the huge growth potential in marine bio-economy. The target audience is ministers, parliamentarians, industry, investors, decision makers and policy advisers. The focus will be on necessary political initiatives to support growth. The Nordic Marine Think Tank is responsible for the organisation of the conference. The conference has three themes: Theme I: Blue Growth at the global and regional level Theme II: Potential growth in Marine Industries Theme III: Structures hindering or promoting Blue Growth. Registration is now open. Please follow the external link below.
Funding co-operation: Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme Conference
Date: Nov 26, 2014 to Nov 27, 2014
The launch of a cross-national co-operation for 2014-2020 is on the programme this autumn. We want to look more closely at the results achieved and explore future funding opportunities during the "Interref Baltic Sea Region Programme" conference.
The bio-economic spring is here!
Date: Sep 24, 2014 to Sep 24, 2014
The Research Council and Innovation Norway invite to a conference about the opportunities in bio-economy.
Workshop on Realizing the Bioeconomy in the Baltic Sea Region
Date: Sep 18, 2014 to Sep 19, 2014
Lunch to lunch
ScanBalt Forum 2014 Active and Healthy Ageing
Date: Oct 08, 2014 to Oct 10, 2014
ScanBalt Business Club Event
Baltic Development Forum (BDF)
Date: Jun 03, 2014 to Jun 04, 2014
The joint 16th Baltic Development Forum Summit and 5th Annual Forum of the EUSBSR, themed “Growing together”, will explore how co-operation can help strengthen economic growth, contribute to sustainable development, and create a strong and integrated Baltic Sea Region.