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Nordic Council of Ministers for Fisheries and Aquaculture, Agriculture, Foodstuffs and Forestry (MR-FJLS)

MR-FJLS consists of a single council of ministers covering four policy areas: Fisheries and Aquaculture, Agriculture, Food and Forestry. The core tasks of MR-FJLS involve promoting sustainable use of nature and genetic resources.

Postal Address
Ved Stranden 18
DK-1061 København K
+45 33 96 02 00
+45 33 96 02 02


 Name   Function   Nationality 
Bent Høie Minister Norwegian
Carina Aaltonen Minister Ålandic
Dan Jørgensen Minister Danish
Elisabeth Aspaker Minister Norwegian
Finn Karlsen Minister Greenlandic
Fredrik Karlström Minister Ålandic
Jacob Vestergaard Minister Faroese
Johan Dahl Minister Faroese
Karsten Hansen Minister Faroese
Kirsten Brosbøl Minister Danish
Laura Räty Minister Finnish
Petteri Orpo Minister Finnish
Sigurður Ingi Jóhannsson. Minister Icelandic
Sven-Erik Bucht Minister Swedish
Sylvi Listhaug Minister Norwegian


Tenna Schaldemose
Phone: +45 21 71 71 42