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List of calls for applications and funding schemes financed by the Ministers for Co-operation (MR-SAM).
Arctic Co-operation Programme: Funding
The Nordic Council of Ministers' Arctic Co-operation Programme has an annual budget of about DKK 10 million. Applications can be made for funds from the Arctic Co-operation Programme for the implementation of projects in the Arctic.
Co-operation with Russia on research and higher education
The Nordic Council of Ministers has decided to continue with its programme of co-operation with Russia in higher education and research in 2016 and 2017 and has allocated DKK 14 million to the two-year programme, half for joint education and training projects, half for joint research projects.
Funding for integration projects
Applications for project funding are now welcome under the Nordic Council of Ministers' co-operation programme for the integration of refugees and immigrants
Funding from the Exchange Programme for Nordic Civil Servants (TJUT)
This programme provides civil servants with the opportunity to learn how things are done in another Nordic country (or countries). A group consisting of one member each from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland allocates the money earmarked for the annual pool.
NORDBUK: Project and organisation co-operation grants
The Nordic Committee for Children and Young People, NORDBUK, supports children and young people in their own projects and organisation. Nordic Culture Point has set up and manages a programme to facilitate this.
Nordic Council of Ministers’ funding programme for NGOs in the Baltic Sea Region
NGOs play a prominent role in the Nordic Council of Ministers’ co-operation with the Baltic States, Poland, Belarus and Northwest Russia within a number of its priority areas, such as the environment and progress towards democracy, but also as partners in building networks and cross-border co-operation in the Baltic Sea Region.
Open call: creative projects branding the Nordics
Do you have an idea for a Nordic project that can help put the Nordics in the mind of the world? A project that can highlight Nordic values; set the agenda and has a social clout that can cut through the noise and start a conversation.