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Guidelines for the Nordic Council of Ministers' co-operation with North-West Russia from 2014
The Nordic Council of Ministers attaches great importance to close co-operation with the regions of North-West Russia, in particular on establishing cross-border networks and promoting greater democracy.
Co-operation with Russia
The Nordic Council of Ministers believes that developments in Russia are of vital importance to the Nordic Region.
Nordic Council of Ministers' Information Office in Russia
The Nordic Council of Ministers is represented in Russia through two offices and three information points. The offices are located in St. Petersburg and Kaliningrad and the information points are in Petrozavodsk, Murmansk and Arkhangelsk.
Nordic institutions active in Russia
The co-operation structure includes several institutions which play an important role in co-operation with Russia:
The Northern Dimension
The Northern Dimension is a political framework agreement for co-operation between the EU, Russia, Norway and Iceland. The Northern Dimension focuses on North-west Russia and on co-operation between North-west Russia and its adjacent states: the five Nordic countries and the three Baltic States Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
Co-operation in the Barents Region
The Nordic countries co-operate with the EU and Russia in the Barents Region through the Barents Euro-Arctic Council. The Nordic countries attach great importance to the joint activities in the Barents Region.
Cooperation with civil society organisations
Civil society organisations play an important roll for the Nordic Council of Ministers Cooperation with the Baltic countries and northwest Russia. In particular as partners to build capacity within a number of areas of priority for the Nordic Council of Ministers, but also as partners towards building networks and develop the Councils cooperation in the Baltic Sea region. The Nordic Council of Ministers intends to broaden and intensify its cooperation with NGOs and work towards the strengthening of civil society.


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