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Nordic Council of Ministers’ funding programme for NGOs in the Baltic Sea Region

NGOs play a prominent role in the Nordic Council of Ministers’ co-operation with the Baltic States, Poland, Belarus and Northwest Russia within a number of its priority areas, such as the environment and progress towards democracy, but also as partners in building networks and cross-border co-operation in the Baltic Sea Region.

In 2013, the Nordic Ministers for Co-operation adopted new guidelines for co-operation with North-West Russia and the Baltic States 2014. These guidelines conclude that NGOs play a key role in co-operation with Northwest Russia and the Baltic States.

The Nordic Council of Ministers originally launched this NGO programme in 2006 to promote co-operation between Nordic, Baltic, Polish, Belarusian and Russian NGOs. 

Focus areas

  • Social and health
  • Culture
  • Environment
  • Development of democracy

See how to apply here.

Available in the following countries:

Russia, Belarus, Denmark, Norway, Estonia, Iceland, Sweden, Greenland, Latvia, Lithuania, Åland Islands, Finland, Poland, Faroe Islands

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