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Sustainability of fish stocks

The indicator shows trends in the sustainable yield of stocks of fish in 5 marine regions particularly relevant to the Nordic countries. The marine regions are: the Barents and Norwegian Sea, Iceland and East Greenland, the Faroese Plateau, the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. Ideally, if stock management is good, the Fish Mortality Sustainable Yield (F/Fmsy) should be around or below 1. The threshold for sustainable spawning stock mass – the Biomass trigger (B/Btrigger) – has been set at 1 and should therefore be around or above 1. Demersal fish, such as cod, hake and haddock, live and feed on or near the sea bed but not in the deepest waters. Pelagic fish, such as herring and mackerel, live and feed away from the sea bed. Benthic fish, such as flounder, sole, turbot, plaice and halibut, live and feed near the sea bed, irrespective of the depth of the water.


Anniina Kristinsson