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Swedish Presidency 2013

The 2013 Swedish Presidency was based on the Nordic social model, which has so successfully contributed to growth, welfare and solidarity in our countries. The social model is inextricably linked to certain key values, including democracy, transparency, social solidarity, tolerance of dissent, gender equality and individualism.

The programme for the Presidency included four new projects on strong action to combat youth unemployment, development of sustainable mining, lower emissions and workplace-based learning.

They were chosen on the basis of the conviction that Nordic co-operation provides a useful tool for addressing challenges that all of our countries face.

The four main themes of the 2013 Presidency are listed below.

Combating youth unemployment

Under the heading “More young people in work in the Nordic Region”, the Nordic countries swapped information and discussed experiences of ways to help young people to enter the labour market. Youth unemployment is a challenge for all the Nordic countries. 

In May, a job summit brought together the Nordic prime ministers, leaders of the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland and other stakeholders, including youth organisations, employers, trade unions, government agencies and companies with a large number of young employees.

Developing sustainable Nordic mining

An expert network called Nordmin was established and brought together stakeholders in the Nordic mining and minerals sector to make the industry more competitive.  

Lowering emissions

Greater efforts were made to reduce emissions of short-lived climate agents. This initiative focused on reducing levels of carbon and tropospheric ozone in the atmosphere in order to combat climate change and improve air quality.

Workplace-based learning

The idea behind this priority was to facilitate the transition from education and training to work through workplace-based learning. The initiative covered both young people and adults, offering them a chance to try out workplace learning as a precursor to a job. The idea was to enhance the quality of this type of learning and, by doing so, facilitate the transition to the labour market. The initiative also sought to reach out to new groups of students.


 Name   Function   Nationality 
Caroline Carlborg Secretary Chief Swedish
Fredrik Reinfeldt Prime Minister Swedish
Magnus Holm Ambassador Swedish