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Nordic Council of Ministers' Information Offices in the Baltic States and Russia

Nordic Council of Ministers' Offices in Estonia
The cooperation between the Nordic Council of Ministers and Estonia is primarily a political cooperation through which experience exchange contributes to realization of joint goals. One of its most important functions is to discover new trends and new possibilities for joint Estonian Nordic cooperation. The information office aims to represent Nordic concepts and demonstrate Nordic cooperation in Estonia. The office often coordinates the joint Nordic Estonian activities and functions as an initiator of various engagements that raises the profile of Nordic traits.
The Nordic Council of Ministers' Office in Latvia
The Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Latvia is a part of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Secretariat and serves as a catalyst for the Nordic-Baltic cooperation in Latvia. The Office works closely with the Nordic diplomatic representations in Latvia and coordinates joint Nordic initiatives, as well as identifies trends and opportunities for the Nordic–Baltic cooperation.
Nordic Council of Ministers' Office in Lithuania
One of the office's most important tasks is to catch new trends and look for new opportunities for joint Nordic-Lithuanian co-operation, in dialogue with the Nordic embassies, with which the office has a close working relationship. The office also works broadly as the advocate of all that is 'Nordic' and promotes Nordic Co-operation in Lithuania.


Jens Nytoft Rasmussen