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About the Adjudication Committee

The Nordic Council of Ministers appoints a Nordic Adjudication Committee which chooses the prize winner. The committee consists of 10 members, two each from Denmark, Finland (one Finnish speaking and one Swedish speaking), Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

If works are nominated from the Faroe Islands, Greenland or the Sami language area, representatives from these areas become co-opted members on the Adjudication Committee.

The Adjudication Committee's ordinary members and a substitute from each country are appointed for four years at a time. They must be experts in the literature of their own country and as far as possible also in the literature of their neighbouring countries.

The two ordinary members along with the substitute for each country make up the national Adjudication Committee.

The Nordic Adjudication Committee makes their decision based on a simple majority. All participating countries must be represented before the Committee can make its decision. If the number of votes for the prize is equal it must be decided by lot.


Louise Hagemann
Phone: +45 21 71 71 41

Sigurður Ólafsson
Phone: +354 551 7036