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The winner of the Nordic Council Literature Prize 2017

The Nordic Council Literature Prize 2017 has been awarded to Kirsten Thorup for Erindring om kærligheden (“Memories of Love”, not translated into English).

Magnus Fröderberg/

The Danish author accepted the prize at the award ceremony in Finlandia Hall, Helsinki on 1 November.

The Adjudication Committee wrote:

“The winner of the Nordic Council Literature Prize 2017 is the author of numerous excellent and highly relevant novels that reflect a deep social commitment. In her novel Memories of Love, Kirsten Thorup paints a portrait of Tara, a woman who constantly reaches out to the vulnerable in society. Somewhat unexpectedly, Tara falls pregnant and gives birth to her daughter Siri – a turn of events with which she finds it difficult to cope. The ensuing heart-rending and relentless tale probes into questions of rights and duties, private life and politics – and not least the strength and price of love – all addressed with every greater subtlety. Memories of Love is a very dark and wise novel. It trawls great depths – the depths we all share – reaching parts only literature ever really reaches.”

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