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Nomination form for the Nordic Council Environment Prize 2018

The Nordic Council Environment Prize will be awarded for the 24th time this year. Everybody is entitled to submit nominations for the DKK 350,000 prize.

Marine life is the theme for the Nordic Council Environment Prize 2018.

The Nordic Council Environment Prize 2018 will be awarded to a company, organisation, or individual working to protect marine life.

The deadline for submitting nominations is 14 May.

Person or organization proposing a candidate:
Enterprise, organisation, or individual (nominated):
How does the initiative fulfil the criteria for the prize in terms of impact, innovation, scalability, potential and relevance?

Take the following criteria into consideration when outlining your reasons for submitting the nomination. Note that it must not exceed one A4 page. 

  1. Impact: What effect does the initiative have on the challenges facing marine life?
  2. Innovation: How does the initiative differ from others in its field?
  3. Scalability and potential: How can the initiative be scaled up to cover other countries and/or sectors?
  4. Relevance: What value does the initiative have for environmental work in the Nordic Region?


Heidi Orava
Phone: +45 21 71 71 48