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Citizens' and Consumer Rights Committee
The Citizens' and Consumer Rights Committee deals with issues concerning the rights of citizens and consumers as well as associated overall matters concerning democracy, human rights, gender equality etc.
Council of Ministers for Gender Equality (MR-JÄM)
The Nordic governments' co-operation in the area of gender equality is led by the Nordic ministers for gender equality which makes up MR-JÄM. The Nordic countries' joint cultural, historical and democratic traditions allow them to develop a close and constructive partnership in the areas of gender equality.
Nordic Information on Gender (NIKK)
Nordic Information on Gender's (NIKK) assignment is to gather and disseminate national research, policy and practice in the area of gender equality in a Nordic perspective to a broad group of interested parties. Comparative information on current equality and gender research in the whole Region will be communicated. The aim is that the knowledge shared will serve as a basis for policy discussions in the Nordic countries and internationally.
The Department of Knowledge and Welfare (KV)
The Department of Knowledge and Welfare works with initiatives in education and research, and social matters, including health and welfare issues. The Department also focuses on IT issues in the Nordic Region and has primary responsibility for Nordic language co-operation.


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