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Education and Research

Nordic funding and calls related to education and research.
A. P. Møller's Fund for Icelandic Students
Icelandic students at higher education institutes in Denmark can apply for grants for study visits from this fund. The application deadline is 31 December every year. Applicants can expect to hear by 1 March of the following year.
Academy of Finland: Scientific research
The Academy of Finland provides funding for scientific research of the highest quality. The Academy has two main application rounds: April and September. The Academy’s international calls may also be open at other times.
Agnes Geijer’s Foundation for Textile Research: Scholarships
The purpose of the foundation is to promote scientific research in the history of textiles. Its objectives are met by awarding grants to individual people or projects in the five Nordic countries. The foundation initiates research assignments and announes calls for scholarships.
Applications granted Sino-Nordic network for higher education, research and innovation
The Nordic Council of Ministers invited Nordic universities to apply for 3-years of funding for projects aimed at strengthening co-operation in eduction, research and innovation between Nordic and Chinese universities and other innovation partners in the Shanghai area. The Nordic Council of Ministers has decided to allocate funding to the following 6 projects.
Co-operation with Russia on research and higher education
The Nordic Council of Ministers has decided to continue with its programme of co-operation with Russia in higher education and research in 2016 and 2017 and has allocated DKK 14 million to the two-year programme, half for joint education and training projects, half for joint research projects.
Cultural Foundation Denmark - Greenland
The Foundation provides funding to promote cultural links between Greenland and Denmark, e.g. travel to and from Greenland, grants for cultural and social institutions, magazines, books and films. Funding is allocated once a year. The deadline for submission of applications is 15 March. The Foundation is not receiving applications in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.
Danish-Faroese Cultural Foundation
The Danish-Faroese Cultural Foundation promotes cultural links between the Faroe Islands and Denmark and between the Faroe Islands and Greenland. It funds theatre, film, music and art projects, book publication, certain types of study trip, etc. Funding is not normally provided for Nordic conferences, school trips, etc. or for actual educational purposes. The Board awards grants annually. The deadline for the submission of applications is 1 March.
Danish-Faroese Cultural Foundation travel scholarship
The Danish-Faroese Cultural Foundation manages travel scholarships for study trips between the Faroe Islands and Denmark for people aged between 18 and 30. The purpose of the trip must fall within the objectives of the Danish-Faroese Cultural Foundation. Cultural communication between the Faroe Islands and Greenland also fall within the scope of the Foundation.
Federation Foundation at the University of Iceland
The foundation aims to strengthen the spiritual connection between Denmark and Iceland, by funding the publication of research and science that affects both countries, or each country individually. It provides funding for travel for university teachers and others research staff at the university who want to take part in international conferences and research projects.
Funding from the Foundation for Danish-Swedish Co-operation
The purpose of the Foundation is to increase understanding and co-operation between Denmark and Sweden in the cultural and other sectors. It provides funding for education, cultural exchanges and activities.
Grants from the Foundation for Danish-Icelandic Co-operation
The Foundation for Danish-Icelandic Co-operation aims to promote understanding and co-operation between Denmark and Iceland. In particular, it has a duty to promote the Danish language in Iceland. The Foundation supports, for example, working and study trips in Denmark and Iceland, scientific work, professional training for Danish and Icelandic tradesmen, and cultural exchanges in the form of performances and art exhibitions. Both individuals and organisations are entitled to apply.
Icelandic Government Scholarships: Studies in Icelandic as a second language
The Icelandic Ministry of Education, Science and Culture awards annually a number of scholarships for studies in Icelandic as a second language at the University of Iceland, Reykjavík. The scholarships are intended for students of modern Icelandic. Students must also have prior knowledge of Icelandic according to the requirements for BA study in Icelandic as a second language. Preference will, as a rule, be given to a candidate under 35 years of age.
Interreg: North Sea Programme
The North Sea Programmes overall aim is to support development and foster sustained economic growth across the region. It helps enterprises, institutions, public administrations, NGOs and others to pool their expertise, share their experience and cooperate to develop realistic solutions to problems shared by organisations across the region. It focuses on four themes: Thinking Growth, Eco-Innovation, Sustainable North Sea Region and Green Transport and Mobility.
Interreg: Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme
The upcoming Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme 2014-2020 forms a cooperation between 9 programme partner countries; The Nordic Countries, including the Faroe Island and Greenland, Ireland and the United Kingdom (Scotland and Northern Ireland). It is the programme’s vision is to help to generate vibrant, competitive and sustainable communities through transnational cooperation.
NATA: Travel grants for schools, sports trips and cultural exchange in the West Nordic Region
NATA (North Atlantic Tourism Association) offers travel grants to school groups, sports groups, musical tours and events, and other forms of cultural exchange between Greenland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands. The funding is intended only to cover travel expenses - not accommodation or living expenses.
NCCS Research Foundation
The Nordic College of Caring Science Research Foundation was established in 2007. The purpose of the Research Foundation matches NCCS's definition and purpose, to support the scientific development of medical science as the basis for all care. The Foundation provides financial support for Nordic research projects that contribute to knowledge about respectful and dignified care of people in different situations, contexts and in different cultures, especially with regard to health, suffering, lifelong disability and impending death.
Nord: Sápmi
The EU programme Interreg Nord 2014–20 supports cross-border co-operation in order to strengthen economic and social development. The overall goal is to improve the competitiveness and attractiveness of the area covered by the programme, i.e. north Norway, north Finland, north Sweden and Sápmi (the Saami region, which spreads over all three countries).
Norden Association in Finland: Hospitality grants
Finnish schools hosting groups of pupils from elsewhere in the Nordic Region are eligible for grants from the Norden Association in Finland. Applications can be submitted at any time.
Norden Association in Finland: Nordic teacher scholarships
Scholarships are available for study trips to schools in other Nordic countries during term time. The scholarships are awarded by the Committee for Nordic Teacher and Pupil Exchange to people who want to learn about the schools system and teaching in another Nordic country. Teachers at elementary schools, upper-secondary schools, technical schools, vocational schools and colleges and ‘folk high schools’ are eligible for the teacher scholarships. Visits may last one–two weeks, i.e. five or ten working days, excluding travel. Applications must be submitted in the period 1 January to 31 March.
Norden Association in Finland: Scholarships for Swedish-speaking upper-secondary school pupils
Scholarships are available to Swedish-speaking pupils for language and cultural exchange visits to Norway and Denmark, primarily for exchanges programmes. Individual and group scholarships are available. Applications can be submitted at any time.


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