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Co-operation bodies

NordForsk is a Nordic research board with responsibility for co-operation on research and researcher training in the Nordic region.
Nordic Culture Fund
The aim of the Nordic Culture Fund is to support a broad spectrum of cultural cooperations between the Nordic countries.
Nordic Culture Point
Nordic Culture Point is one of the main instruments used by the Nordic Council of Ministers to pursue its priorities for cultural co-operation in the period 2013– 2020. Nordic Culture Point (NCP) serves as a focal point for Nordic culture and for enhancing the sense of Nordic cultural affinity in Finland and elsewhere in the Nordic Region. NCP funding programmes contribute to the ongoing rejuvenation of Nordic and Nordic/Baltic cultural co-operation. NCP is responsible for the narrative and profile of Nordic cultural partnerships in the Region and beyond.
Nordic Energy Research
The main remit of Nordic Energy Research (NEF) is to fund Nordic co-operation on energy. NEF funds and promotes Nordic co-operation, generates research on which decisions on energy policy are made, serves as a link between industry, research and policy makers and prioritises sustainable and competitive energy solutions. NEF is based in Norway and also works at European level.
Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO)
NEFCO is a joint Nordic financial institution whose primarily purpose is to generate positive environmental effects of interest to the Nordic region by funding projects in Central and Eastern Europe countries.
Nordic Film & TV Fund
The Fund's primary purpose is to promote film and TV productions of high quality in the five Nordic countries by providing support for top-up financing of feature films, TV-fiction / series and creative documentaries.
Nordic Forest Research Co-operation Committee (SNS)
SNS is a co-operative body financed with Nordic funds under the auspices of the Nordic Council of Ministers. The overall objective is to promote research into the diverse functions of the forests in sustainable forestry, as well as to advice the Nordic Council of Ministers on questions concerning forests and forestry research.
Nordic House in Reykjavik (NOREY)
The remit of Nordic House in Reykjavik (NOREY) is to promote Nordic co-operation and enhance the sense of Nordic affinity. It is a cultural and knowledge centre, a creative meeting place and a point of contact between Iceland and the rest of the Nordic Region.
Nordic House in the Faroe Islands (FO)
The Nordic House’s aim is to support and promote Nordic and Faroese culture, and to tie closer bonds between cultural life locally and in the Nordic region.
Nordic Information Centre for Media and Communication Research (NORDICOM)
NORDICOM's work aims to spread knowledge in the area of media and communication research, and to develop media studies in the Nordic countries.
Nordic Information on Gender (NIKK)
Nordic Information on Gender's (NIKK) assignment is to gather and disseminate national research, policy and practice in the area of gender equality in a Nordic perspective to a broad group of interested parties. Comparative information on current equality and gender research in the whole Region will be communicated. The aim is that the knowledge shared will serve as a basis for policy discussions in the Nordic countries and internationally.
Nordic Innovation
Nordic Innovation initiates and finances activities that enhance innovation and co-operates primarily with small and medium sized companies in the Nordic region. The mission is to make it easier to develop and do business in the Nordic region without national barriers.
Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics
NORDITA is the Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics. Its purpose is to carry out research and strengthen the Nordic collaboration within the basic areas of theoretical physics.
Nordic Institute of Asian Studies (NIAS)
NIAS aims, through joint Nordic ventures, to optimise the use of research facilities and competencies in Asia.
Nordic Institute of Dental Materials (NIOM)
NIOM is charged with promoting the use of safe and suitable dental biomaterials and procedures in the Nordic countries to meet the health and technical requirements for developments in this field.
Nordic Institute of Maritime Law (NIfS)
The Institute's academic staff covers a wide range of private and public law subjects, with special interest in the fields of maritime and transportation law, insurance law, and petroleum and energy law.
Nordic Journalist Centre
The Nordic Journalist Centre will create and maintain interest in the media for Nordic affinity and cultural community. This goal is reached by courses, seminars and other competence building initiatives.
Nordic Medico-Statistical Committee (NOMESKO)
NOMESKO is a standing committee under the Nordic Council of Ministers with separate funding from the Nordic Committee on Social Policy. Its remit includes co-ordination of the health statistics in the Nordic countries.
Nordic Network
Nordic Network is a networking portal for the Nordic Region. Sign up, see who does what in the Region and make new contacts.
Nordic Project Fund (Nopef)
Nopef is an institution under the Nordic Council of Ministers. Nopef aims to strengthen the international competitiveness of small and medium sized Nordic enterprises by providing co-financing under special conditions for feasibility studies.