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NordPub FAQ

Here are questions and answers about NordPub.

Q: What is NordPub?

A: NordPub is the Nordic Council of Ministers' common publication portal (

Q: Who can take part in NordPub collaboration?

A: Ultimately, the individual sectors in the Nordic Council of Ministers decide who can take part, but basically NordPub is for all parties in the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Q: Is it a requirement to publish in Open Access to take part in NordPub?

A: In principle it is, since the Secretary General has decided that all publications released and funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers must be published in Open Access. But it is partly a question of definition, and partly that one can publish with an embargo period, which means that the publication is not available in Open Access at first but it will be within a given period (e.g. 12 months). See also the Nordic Council of Ministers' Open Access policy on

Q: How do we get access to NordPub?

A: Contact the Head of Publishing in the Nordic Council of Ministers' Secretariat Niels Stern, He will set it up, but the actual data input etc. is done by the individual participant. Technical support is managed by the DiVA administration via

Q: What does it cost to participate in NordPub?

A: It is free to participate in NordPub because the Nordic Council of Ministers' Secretariat pays the running costs.

Q: What publications should be placed in NordPub?

A: The same as you are already publishing today. The individual participant in NordPub is responsible for the quality of his/her own publications.

Q: Do you have to place all your publications in NordPub or can you choose?

A: You can choose yourself which publications are placed in NordPub.

Q: Who should I contact if there is something in NordPub that doesn't work, or if I can't work it out?

A: DiVA support at Uppsala University library:

Q: Who should I contact if there is something in NordPub which I think should be changed (layout, functionality etc)?

A: Contact the Secretariat's Publications Department:

Q: Which metadata (information on the publication: title, abstract, subject words, front page etc.) should be placed in NordPub?

A: The more metadata placed in NordPub the better the publication will be indexed in search engines, databases and other discovery services. If the publication is to be shown on there are certain minimum requirements for what metadata should be entered. The list can be found here

Q: How are the publications shown on

A: Publications can be shown on in two ways: 1. As news on and 2. As related content subject-specific pages depending on which subject words are linked to the publication.

Q: How can you show publications from NordPub on your own website?

A: The DiVA system is based on open standard and is linked to a number of API solutions, which you can use for this purpose. It is possible, for example, to have your own publications shown on an automatic extract from NordPub (in which case you only need to enter the data of publications in NordPub), but it is also possible to have all or specially selected publications shown.

Q: We publish in an open archive repository. Can NordPub not "pick up" the publications from this?

A: Yes, as a start. An agreement must be made with DiVA support for this. Please contact for further information.

Q: Can you link a webshop to the publication?

A: Yes, a webshop can be linked to the publication. On the publication page it will be marked with a purchasing sign and the text: "buy this publication". NCMS has a webshop linked to its publications. A webshop partnership can be discussed with Niels Stern,

Q: Who has the ultimate responsibility for NordPub?

A: The Secretary General is ultimately responsible for NordPub and defrays the administration cost via the Secretariat's administration budget. NordPub is linked to a policy council which makes decisions on the development of NordPub through recommendations to the Secretary General.

Q: How is NordPub represented i the DiVA consortium?

A: The DiVA consortium consists of more than 35 members (2014) where each member has 1 vote. The Nordic Council of Ministers' representative in DiVA is the head of the Department for Knowledge and Welfare.

Q: Are there courses for the use of NordPub?

A: Yes, twice a year the DiVA administration holds a 1-day course for all participants in the DiVA consortium. Attendance is optional and free. In the spring courses are held in Uppsala and in the autumn a course is held somewhere else (usually in Sweden).

Q: Do NordPub participants meet up?

A: Yes, it is anticipated that NordPub participants will meet up 1-2 times a year with a view to exchange of experience, workshops etc.

Q: Is there a Twitter hashtag (#) for the publications in NordPub?

A: Yes, we use #nordpub.

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