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One for all, all for one?

New Nordic Defence Partnership?
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Nordic co-operation has long since grown up. In recent years, the five nations have been concentrating on fewer core areas, facing up to the new challenges posed by globalisation, turning their attention to the outside world, forging closer links with neighbouring regions and working more closely together in international arenas.

But does the new geo-political situation mean they are prepared to reassess collaboration on security and foreign policy as well? Does it mean that the time is ripe to revive the idea of an actual military and security-policy partnership, more than six decades after preliminary discussions in the aftermath of WWII petered out?

The Nordic Council and Council of Ministers' Yearbook 2009 commissioned five of the most experienced foreign correspondents in the Region to interview five top politicians about these very issues.

Read how the current and former ministers responded to direct questions about the advantages and disadvantages of a Nordic mini-NATO, about future collaboration with NATO, the UN, the EU and other neighbouring countries and about the new horizons for a modern Nordic partnership.

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Publication date
Dec 14, 2009
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ANP 2009:764

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