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Voluntary Agreements and Environmental Labelling in the Nordic Countries

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The report presents a survey of the use of Environmental Voluntary Agreements (VA) and the prevalence of Environmental Labelling Schemes in the Nordic countries including the use of these instruments in policy-mixes with other instruments. The foundation of the study is country studies of the 5 Nordic countries. For each country, mappings of the regulatory instruments are completed, and identified evaluations are assessed with a view to extract conclusions on cost effectiveness and good and bad examples on interaction with other regulatory instruments. The specific aim is to provide conclusions and recommendations to support and adjust strategies for future use of VAs and Eco-labels in Nordic environmental regulation. The study was carried out by Plan Miljø and was financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

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Publication date
Aug 22, 2011
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TemaNord 2011:538
Sustainable development, Environment, Public finance

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