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Nordic co-operation and the #CleanSeas campaign

As part of the UN #CleanSeas campaign, the Nordic Council of Ministers is concentrating, in particular, on the role of plastic in polluting the marine environment. Marine plastic debris is one of the focus areas in the Nordic Plastics Programme 2017–2018.

Benjamin Suomela /

In May 2017, the Nordic environment ministers decided to back the UNEP #CleanSeas campaign aimed at enhancing knowledge of the causes and effects of marine debris.

It is both a visible and an invisible problem. Some waste is washed ashore on our beaches, some travels thousands of kilometres on the ocean currents, some sinks to the seabed. Gradually, the plastic is broken down into micro-particles that end up in people and animals. As things stand at the moment, it is impossible to predict the extent of the consequences on human health and the environment.

The Council of Ministers’ #CleanSeas web pages highlight the strengths and advantages of working together at Nordic level for cleaner, plastic-free seas. See interviews with Nordic ministers, find Nordic publications on the issue and take a quick course in marine debris with the help of infographics in all of the Nordic languages.

Feel free to share what you find there on your own social media! The Nordic activities use the hashtags #CleanSeas and #Norden2017.