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Nordic Entreprenuership Islands

Erik Christensen, Porkeri

Globalisation and demographic changes to society create challenges for Islands and remote rural areas. Several islands from the Nordic countries and self-governing areas face similar economic and social challenges. Some countries and self-governing areas have Islands in remote areas that suffer from the loss of high skilled labour and jobs to more urban areas. For other countries and self-governing areas, that are islands in themselves, this is a general issue. Particularly young people with high career goals and ambitions for higher education leave Islands without being replaced at the same rate. This happens, among other things, due to lack of entrepreneurs and innovators on the Nordic islands.

Nordic Entrepreneurship Islands  

Beginning in November 2015, Nordic Entrepreneurship Islands is a one year pilot project exploring and mapping the development of entrepreneurial education on eight selected Nordic islands. The project will explore mechanisms and strategies helping young people to obtain the entrepreneurial skills required to start new businesses on Nordic islands.

The project, which is twofold, includes both a systematic mapping of the entrepreneurial teachings on each island and sixteen startup cases. The sixteen cases will consist of eight startups receiving a 25.000 DKK micro grant and eight examples of support mechanisms, i.e. student entrepreneurship incubators. The results of the project will be presented at a conference in November 2016.  

Goals and outcomes

Nordic Entrepreneurship Islands have the following goals and outcomes:

  • A systematic and quantitative mapping of entrepreneurial teachings and entrepreneurial education strategies on eight selected Nordic islands/areas

  • One 25.000 DKK micro grant for a student startup on each of the eight islands

  • 2 cases from each participating island of which one case will be the recipient of a micro grant

  • Results from the project is to be presented in a final report and at a conference in November 2016

Participating  islands

The Nordic countries and self-governing areas have submitted the following islands/areas to participate in the project:

  • Bornholm, Denmark

  • Andøya, Norway

  • Gotland, Sweden

  • Pargas, Finland

  • Iceland

  • Greenland

  • The Faroe Islands

  • Åland

Nordic Entrepreneurship Island is organised by the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Danish Foundation for Entreprenuership

Updates to the project will be posted to this page. 


Tilde Reffstrup, Danish Foundation for Entreprenuership


Pernille Dalsgaard-Duus