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The Nordic Master Programme

The Council of Ministers launched the Nordic Master Programme in 2007 as part of its commitment to promoting higher education in the Region. The programme has been a success and we now wish to make it permanent from 2017.

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The Nordic Master Programme is designed to:

  • internationalise higher education by mixing Nordic students with students from other parts of Europe and beyond

  • develop closer collaboration between Nordic universities and colleges and remove barriers to joints study programmes

  • provide high quality, research-based programmes based on excellence

  • develop collaboration between higher education, industry and the labour market

  • improve students’ competencies, including their Nordic knowledge and skills

  • help the students and others involved to build useful networks.

Continuous assessment

The Nordic Master Programme has been evaluated several times to quantify what students think of it, find out how well run it is, measure the level of academic excellence and gauge its sucess as a trademark. The concept has been continuously refined to make the programme the beacon of excellence we envisaged.

The most important conclusions from the evaluations are summarised in the following reports:

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