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May, 2012

Bright Green Island strategy proves its power

Bornholm was the first island to take on the strategy »Bright Green Island«. Now there are five islands aiming to be bright and green, targeting to become sustainable societies and develop new answers to the global challenge.

Johannes Jansson/

Bornholm aims to become a 100 % carbon-neutral island based on sustainable and renewable energy. The goal is discribed in a vision called Bright Green Island.

According to this vision, Bornholm seeks to become an attractive, 100 % green island, which is responsible for its actions - environmentally and ethically.

At the same time, Bright Green Island expresses a wish to exemplify how an entire community can become carbon-neutral and the conviction that Bornholm has something to contribute in the overcoming climate-related challenges facing the world today.

The aim is that the strategic branding platform »Bright Green Island« is implemented in 2014.

Such a radical transformation of an entire community of 42,000 residents demands action. And for a couple of years residents, researchers and private-sector and public-sector enterprises have been teaming up to turn bright ideas into green solutions.

We have already made progress: more than 39 % of the island's energy was i 2010 covered by renewable resources. Looking at our power supply alone, 33 % was in 2011 generated by wind power.

We focus on seven different aspects.

  • We want to be a laboratory for green solutions
  • We want to be a community based on sustainable principles
  • We want to have efficient utilisation of energy
  • We will celebrate curiosity, blazing new trails, sharing knowledge
  • We want to develop tools for a sustainable future
  • We encourage each other in healthy lifestyles and a clean environment

The concept »Bright Green Test Island« has attracted a lot of research projects, many of them already in proces and this will enable us to reach 100 % sustainable energy in 2025.

For instance, Bornholm has been test-island for two different projects regarding electric vehicles.

The EcoGrid EU-project develops methods that contribute to preventing the electricity system from becoming vulnerable and unstable, when massive amounts of sustainable energy  - for instance windmills and biogas - enters in the distribution-net. The 27-million-Euro-project involves more than 2.000 households.

Bornholm is building »Green Solution House«

A conference center »Green Solution House« at Bornholm, Denmark, will take sustainability to a new level.

Green Solution House will be an innovative laboratory that integrates the latest knowledge within materials and appropriate green technologies based on Cradle-to-Cradle, the Active House-vision and Green Build Council.

The Green Solution House will provide conference-space for up to 350 participants. 102 double-rooms are for rent in 2014.

The four goals of the Green Solution House are:

  • To be a platform for the highest level of sustainable development.
  • To be an example of continuous improvement.
  • To show solutions on biodiversity, materials, energy, water, and waste.
  • To grow a local and global network for knowledge sharing.

    More than 10.000 households will during the next two years be encouraged to make an effort reducing their consumption of heating and electricity. We need to be more efficient, as more than 40% of the danish use of energy is consumed in the households.

More than a 100 of the islands craftsmen have taken a four week education that enables them to make green and sustainable buildings and to »go green and sustainable« when renovating houses.

Green all over

All over the island citizens are taking action. A group of parents take their children to kindergarten using electric-bikes instead of driving them back and forth. All over the island numerous solar panels shows what Bright Green Island is all about.

Household windturbines are popping up everywhere. Local companies implement green strategies and collaborate in order to grow. New companies with a bright and green agenda emerges.

But best of all, the Bright Green Island Strategy has led to new ideas, new collaborations, new projects, new relations from people, companies, organizations, scientists and education-centers from all over the world.

Beeing a small island in the middle of the Baltic Sea we have to cooperate and make new alliances in order to achieve our goals. And the Bright Green Island-strategy has proven its case. 

Companies like Siemens, IBM and a lot of other international companies are now participating in making Bornholm »Bright Green Island« due to the island's unique potential as an international energy laboratory.

And from what we hear, some of the same benefits have been established on the other Bright Green Islands:
Jeju Island, South Korea
Awaji Island, Japan
Tasmania, Australia

We do not hesitate to share our knowledge. We are open minded and welcome tourists and companies that share our vision. The last couple of years the project »EnergyTours« has taken visitors from Thailand, Germany, Korea, Japan, Poland, Sweden, Hong Kong, China, USA and Russia on a tailor-made tours around the island sharing knowledge and making new friends.

Please contact international relations manager Mette Tiensuu for more information. +45 56 95 73 00.