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How is the NNR made

The work on making the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations 2012 has been led by a Nordic working group under the Nordic Council of Ministers but based at the Swedish Food Authorities in Uppsala. More than 100 scientific experts have been involved and an evidence-based approach has been used, assessing associations between dietary patterns, foods and nutrients and specific health outcomes.

The work on the new edition of the NNR is part of a long and fruitful Nordic co-operation under the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Systematic reviews (SR), covering the years 2000—2012, have been applied for selected nutrients/topics, including a quality assessment of all pertinent studies and a grading of the overall evidence. A less stringent update has been done for some nutrients/topics. Peer reviewers have also been engaged in the process to read and comment on the SRs and the updates conducted by the expert groups.

The systematic reviews and the updates have formed the basis for deriving the dietary reference values (DRVs). The DRVs aim to guarantee optimal nutrition and to prevent lifestyle related diseases such as cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and certain types of cancer, type 2 diabetes, obesity and related risk factors.

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