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New Nordic Food

The culinary and dietary movement known as New Nordic Food is not linked to the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations, but the philosophy behind it in some ways reflect the NNR.

Johannes Jansson/

Much focus has been given over the past ten years to the new kitchen known as New Nordic Food.

The Nordic Council of Ministers has actively supported this movement,  amongst others things by assigning leading chefs as New Nordic Food Ambassadors and by promoting the tenets behind New Nordic Food in a number of UN meetings and conferences.

New Nordic Food stresses the importance of using locally grown food stuff, preferably while it is in season, and puts an emphasis on organically grown and none genetically manipulated foods.

Despite the expertise involved and despite the fact that a number of scientists are exploring the health benefits of New Nordic Food, the kitchen itself is not developed on scientific grounds and should not be confused with the work resulting in the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations.

For more information, please see the website of the New Nordic Food project group under the Nordic Council of Ministers.