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What is the NNR

The Nordic Nutrition Recommendations (NNR) are the main reference point for the various national nutrition recommendations in the Nordic countries. Thus, the recommendations for an optimal diet given by the authorities in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden are based on the joint Nordic Nutrition Recommendations.

The Nordic Nutrition Recommendations give reference values for the intake of and balance between individual nutrients which, based on current scientific knowledge, are adequate for the development and optimal function of the human body and reduce the risk of certain diet-related diseases.

The NNR are at the core of academic teaching in the field of nutritional science and serve as an anchor stone within the nutrition profession.

The Nordic governments fund the extensive scientific effort behind the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations as a means to better guide public decisions and inform the debate on which diet ensures the best possible health for the population at large. This effort forms part of the Nordic action plan “A better life through diet and physical activity”.

The Nordic Nutrition Recommendations furthermore form the basis for the Nordic “Keyhole”-label, used widely in the retail sector to designate the best available choice within a certain category of food or commodity.

A thorough review

The Nordic Nutrition Recommendations are the result of a thorough evaluation of all relevant research  within the field of nutrition. The work is led by a working group under a steering committe refering directly to the Nordic Council of Ministers, the official publisher of the NNR 2012.

The Nordic Nutrition Recommendations have been published every eight years since 1980. The Nordic countries have thus collaborated on setting guidelines for dietary composition and recommended intakes of nutrients for several decades.

The 4th edition of NNR was published in 2004 also by the Nordic Council of Ministers. The NNR 2012 is thus the fifth edition of the NNR.