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Co-operation on education and research

The Nordic prime ministers have commissioned the education and research ministers to map the opportunities and quantify the added value of working together on national education, training and research initiatives of significance to green growth.

Status and background

Based on a 3-year rolling action plan (2013-2015) for education and research activities aimed at green growth, the Committee of Senior Officials for Education (EK-U) has initiated the following priority activities:  .

  •  NordForsk/TFI have launched a major research programme on green growth and bioeconomy in 2014. The research programme gives research institutions in the Nordic Region the opportunity to apply for funding for research projects that contribute to promoting green solutions, green growth and promoting evolution towards a bio-based society.  
  • On the education side, the Ministers have launched work to further develop as a digital teaching platform for education in climate and sustainable development at schools, youth and adult education colleges in the Nordic countries. The new portal on the Nordic Climate Challenge will contribute to improved knowledge, commitment and skills in climate and sustainable development and, in the long term, create the basis for green growth in the Nordic countries. As part of, Nordic Climate Day will be re-launched in 2014 under the name "Nordic Cliamte Challenge", aiming to inspire and increase awareness in schools of climate challenges and encourage children and young people to engage in climate and sustainable development issues.
  • Schools in the Nordic Region have initiated a large number of projects and initiatives to promote sustainable development within adult education. There is an important task to put this knowledge into a system and spread experiences and good practice to schools across the Nordic countries. For this purpose, one or more inspiration and network seminars will be organised in 2014 on the teaching of sustainable development in schools and youth colleges in the Nordic Region. The objective of these seminars is to form networks amongst schools in the Nordic Region that have a green profile and integrate sustainable development into their teaching.

Main and part responsible Councils of Ministers:

The Ministers for Education and Research (MR-U) have the main responsibility. The Ministers of Agriculture (MR-FJLS) have partial responsibility.