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How to Avoid Conflict between Climate Ambition and Jobs in Key Industries


Europe’s energy-intensive industries make up ¼ of EU emissions. For many, e.g. cement and steel, CO2 Capture and Storage (CCS) is the core available technology option that allows deep decarbonisation while protecting industry jobs. For this to succeed, CO2 infrastructure needs to be built. The Ruhr, Rotterdam, Antwerp and the greater Oslo Fjord are four of the most promising areas for European CO2 transport and storage networks. The event takes place at the New Nordic Climate Solutions Pavilion - Section DEL2, Blue Zone, COP22.


  • Jonas Helseth, Director of Bellona Europa, an NGO
  • Trude Sundset, CEO of Gassnova, Norways’ state enterprise for carbon capture and storage 
  • Dr. Hans-Jörn Weddige, Group Coordinator Energy, Environment and Climate Policies, ThyssenKrupp - major European steel producer

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