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Mitigation and Adaptation Synergies in the INDCs (NOAK)


This side event will present feasible funding criteria for mitigation and adaptation synergies, and discus the feasibility and barriers for the use and implementation of a financing design with potential for supporting mitigation and adaptation synergies in forestry, agriculture, energy sectors, and urban areas. The event takes place at the New Nordic Climate Solutions Pavilion - Section DEL2, Blue Zone, COP22.

Guiding questions for discussion:

   - How does your institution address mitigation and adaptation synergies?
   - Do you have any early findings or other cases about synergies and their financing?
   - Which challenges do you see in mitigation and adaptation synergies and their financing?


16:15 Welcome
Peer Stiansen, chair of the Nordic working group for global climate negotiations (NOAK)

16:25 Mitigation and Adaptation Synergies in the INDCs & Financing Opportunities
Pernille Sørensen, Chief Project Manager, COWI

16:45 Supporting Synergy: Experiences from the Financial Mechanism
Chizuru Aoki, Lead Environmental Specialist – Multilateral Environmental Agreements, GEF

17:05 Hands-on Experiences of Private/Public Project Financing with Mitigation and Adaptation Synergies
Helle Lindegaard, Vice President, Head of Carbon Finance and Funds, NEFCO

17:25 Promoting Integration of Mitigation and Adaptation in Latin America and Lessons Learned
María José Gutiérrez, Technical Expert, LEDS LAC Platform

Web TV

Watch the streaming from the the event  here:

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