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Troll Turned to Stone - Innovation in Geothermal Energy (Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Iceland)


The IPCC 5th Assessment report (AR5) leaves no doubt that locking away CO2 permanently, preventing it from adding to the atmosphere, is a crucial climate solution for limiting global warming. Where will the CO2 come from? Many key industries (such as cement, steel and chemicals) are essential for building our low-carbon cities and economy cannot deeply decarbonise without access to permanent CO2 storage. The event takes place at the New Nordic Climate Solutions Pavilion - Section DEL2, Blue Zone, COP22.

Emissions cuts are a key to a low-carbon economy. But for many industries the path to decarbonisation is difficult without CO2 removal. Reykjavik Energy and collaborators have developed a safe, simple and cost-effective method of capturing CO2 from emissions and turning it into rock within months.  The method that has been developed in the Carb-fix project is an open source method, with no patents.

  • Innovation in geothermal energy - Turning CO2 into rock
    • Mrs. Holmfridur Sigurdardottir, Head of Environmental Affairs, Reykjavik Energy
  • Safe, efficient and permanent removal of CO2
    • Dr. Edda Aradottir, Managing Director of Research and Development, Reykjavik Energy
  • Permanent CO2 storage must be urgently applied to live up to the Paris Agreement
    • Jonas Helseth, Director Bellona Europa

Moderator: Helga Barðadóttir, Ministry for the Environment and Natural Resources, Iceland

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