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Water Solutions for Resilient Cities (SIWI & Stockholm Municipality)


How to deal with water problems when cities are struck by climate change hazards, insufficient infrastructure and rapid urbanization? This event will highlight challenges facing cities, presenting water wise initiatives to curb climate change impacts and measures to increase cities adaptive capacities. The event takes place at the New Nordic Climate Solutions Pavilion - Section DEL2, Blue Zone, COP22.

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Welcome and introduction
Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI)

Aligning global policies to city action – report from the global conferences in Brisbane and Quito
Ger Bergkamp, Executive Director, IWA (TBC)

Leading by example– sustainable water solutions in a changing climate
Katarina Luhr, Vice Mayor for the Environment, City of Stockholm

Governance, an enabler to urban water resilience
Aziza Akhmouch, Head - Water Governance Programme, OECD (TBC)

Green and blue cities
Mark Fletcher, Arup (TBC)

Vision and cooperation – cities are drivers for change and solutions
Mark Watts, CEO C40 (TBC)

Concluding remarks 

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