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World Energy Outlook Special Report 2016: Energy and Air Pollution (NEF)


Based on new data for pollutant emissions in 2015 and projections to 2040, this special report provides a global outlook for energy and air pollution as well as detailed profiles of key countries and regions: the United States, Mexico, the European Union, China, India, Southeast Asia and Africa. The event takes place at the New Nordic Climate Solutions Pavilion - Section DEL2, Blue Zone, COP22.

In a Clean Air Scenario, the report proposes a pragmatic and attainable strategy to reconcile the world’s energy requirements with its need for cleaner air. Alongside the multiple benefits to human health, this strategy shows that resolving the world’s air pollution problem can go hand-in-hand with progress towards other environmental and development goals.


   - Timur Guel, International Energy Agency,

   - Liu Qiang, National Center for Climate Change Strategy and International Co-operation

   - Representative from WHO (TBC)

   - Representative from India (TBC)

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