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Theme Days

This year, the events at the Nordic Pavilion are grouped into interesting and relevant themes. Ranging from finance to Arctic, theme days will be filled with discussions of important issues that are significant today.
Youth Day
Today’s youth will face the future consequences of today’s climate policies. What is the role of youth in climate work, what are their expectations and how can the coming generations be educated to become climate-smart citizens? Join us for the Youth Day at the Nordic Pavilion on November 7th - live or virtually.
Water Day
Water shortage is a growing problem and also a challenge in an increasingly urbanized World. In the Nordic countries, the knowledge about water and sanitary issues is top-notch. Therefore, Nordic solutions could contribute to water-related problems worldwide. Take a closer look at our Water Day events and join us at our COP22 pavilion or via webcast on November 8th.
Forest Day
The need for human mitigation of and adaption to climate change – while trying to satisfy the increasing demand for wood – and the transition from fossil fuels to a bioeconomy are some of the challenges that the forest sector in the Nordic countries shares with several other regions in the world. Hear more about solutions to these challenges at the Nordic Forest Day at COP22 on November 9th - live or via webcast.
Short-Lived Climate Pollutants, SLCPs, such as black carbon or soot, methane and tropospheric ozone have negative effects on climate, air quality, human health and agricultural production. Take a look at our SLCP Day on November 10th - live or via webcast - to get the Nordic and Arctic angles on the fight against SLCPs, a major factor in the attempt to reach the targets set out by the Paris Agreement.
City Planning and Building
In the Nordic countries holistic thinking and a strong sense of social responsibility are important factors in the successful development within sustainable building and sustainable city planning. The building sector has the most potential for delivering significant cost effective GHG emission reductions, and the Nordics have high building codes encouraging energy efficient construction and renovation. Join us on November 11th to find out more - at the Nordic pavilion or via webcast.
Arctic Day
Since much of its territory, both on land and at sea, falls within the Arctic Circle, the Nordic Region is strongly involved in issues that concern this unique and harsh, but also vulnerable area. The Arctic Day at the Nordic Pavilion digs into the latest research and Arctic climate solutions – join our COP22 events live or via webcast on November 12th.
Nordic Energy Day
The Nordic Pavilion at COP22 is hosting an Energy Day on November 14th. Take a look at the programme and join our COP22 events live or via webcast.
Climate Legislation Day
Nordic cooperation offers a holistic and fertile platform for climate activities and climate legislation initiatives that will be needed to reach the targets in the Paris Agreement. Clever climate legislation will be discussed on a parliamentarian level at the Nordic Climate Legislation Day in the Nordic Pavilion on November 15th. Join us live or via webcast.
Green Growth Day
Innovation and circular economy is high on the agenda of all Nordic countries. Overall, green growth has been a key priority for the Nordic co-operation for the last couple of years – and the pay-off is about to show. Join the Nordic Green Growth Day at COP22 on November 16th to hear more about green growth solutions that also pay off in a long-haul climate perspective – live or via webcast.
Finance Day
The Nordic countries are leading financers of climate solutions worldwide, and through this - drivers of green policy measures and green financing models. Join us for our Climate Finance Day at the Nordic pavilion on November 17th, where we share experiences and best cases of green financing, and climate financing in particular – live and on webcast.