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Members of the Nordic Bioeconomy Panel

The panel consists of representatives of official agencies, research bodies, private companies and civil society. Collectively, they provide insight into socioeconomics, natural science, business, regional policy and the environment. See all of the members and observers here.

Members of the Nordic Bioeconomy Panel:            


Professor Lene Lange, BioEngineering Center Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, the Technical University of Denmark and member of the Danish Bioeconomy Panel


Liisa Saarenmaa, Deputy Head of Department, Natural Resources Department, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry


Hörður G. Kristinsson (chair) – Head of Research, MATÍS Ltd. and a member of the European Bioeconomy Panel           


Casper Linnestad, Senior Adviser, Ministry of Climate and Environment , Department for Nature Management


Stefan Källman, Director, Higher Education and Research, Department of Forest and Climate, Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation

Faroe Islands  

Ólavur Gregersen,Director, Syntesa Partners & Associates


Henrik Leth, Chair, Greenland Employers’ Association

Lisbeth Due Schoenemann-Paul -   Corporate Sustainability and Environmental Manager Royal Greenland  


Sölve Högman, Head of Office, Department of Industry, Agriculture Office                           

Nordic representatives from the European Bioeconomy Panel and the Nordic Bioeconomy Panel          

Johan Elvnert, Director, European Forest-based Sector Technology Platform    

Niels Gøtke, Head of Division, the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation        

Kjell Ivarsson, Vice-chair of the Working Party on Research and Innovation, Copa-Cogega, and Federation of Swedish Farmers    

Sirpa Kurppa, Research professor on sustainable bioeconomy, LUKE Natural Resources Institute, Finland                   

Invited observers to the Nordic Bioeconomy Panel: NordGen Nordregio NordForsk, Nordic Innovation, Nordic Energy Research (NEF), the Nordic Joint Committee for Agricultural and Food Research (NKJ), Nordic Forest Research (SNS) and the Nordic Working Group for Fisheries (AG-Fisk).