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News Food: the ‘elephant in the room’ at COP23? Bringing food into the climate debate is a double win for human and planetary health. Improved transparency about food systems challenges and solutions were key outcomes of Nordic Food Day at COP23 on 9 November 2017. The Nordic Pavilion was transformed into a pop-up think tank, bringing leaders from organisations such as World Bank, WWF, Greenpeace, FAO and EAT Foundation together to discuss how to put food policy on the climate agenda.
News Nordic Council publishes guide for climate clever parliamentarians The Nordic Council has released a new handbook for parliamentarians, Clever climate legislation. The handbook prepares parliamentarians around the world for the important task of achieving the climate goals of the Paris Agreement of 2015.
News From the Finnish forests to Brazilian orange bark - the economy of life How is bioeconomy connected to the Sustainable Development Goals? That was the big question for Nordic Bioeconomy Day at the UN climate summit in Bonn, during which the Nordic Council of Ministers presented its Five Principles for Sustainable Bioeconomy, a new product written by the Nordic Bioeconomy Panel and the Baltic Sea Region Bioeconomy Council.
News Food policy brings visionaries & enablers together at COP23 How can the Nordic countries address pressing global challenges like food waste, unsustainable diets and the loss of biodiversity? This very question is the starting point for Nordic Food Day on the 9th of November, a thematic day under the climate negotiations held in Bonn.
News Sustainable consumption and production – the Nordic Region’s self-critical message on effective climate action “Consumption and production that are more sustainable could have a significant and multi-faceted impact on the climate.” Using the Nordic countries’ weak performance with regard to responsible consumption and production as a starting point, this was the main message of the Nordic Responsible Consumption and Production Day at the UN climate summit COP23.



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