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Bæredygtighed er, når du gemmer til de næste generationer
Så simpelt kan det siges, hvis du spørger den kommende generation i den danske Krogårdskoles 7.C. Klassen har netop vundet første runde i Den Store Nordiske Klimaduel; en læringsbaseret duel for 12-14-årige i hele Norden, som handler om at spare på energi og lære om nutidens klimaudfordringer.
Miksi innovoinnissa tarvitaan tasa-arvoon perustuvaa lähestymistapaa
Blogikirjoitus 19. maaliskuuta 2015
De Nya Nordiska Dryckerna!
Vi måste bli mer medvetna om att vi även genom dryck kan skapa oss nya nordiska varumärken.
Food, meals and packaging
The challenge we face is to try to combine exciting and healthy food with environmentally friendly packaging for the growing "eat and go" movement.
Aesthetics, Haptics and Taste
Food and the Bioeconomy
Food and Feed were from the very beginning of the discussions on the establishment of the biobased Economy or Bioeconomy integral parts of the so-called 4 F’s Club: Food, Feed, Fibre and Fuels.
Back to the future (again)
Our goal is to create a contemporary interpretation of the Norwegian village by creating a unique, sustainable and modern society situated on the seashore, in tune with the world of today and the world of tomorrow - a micro-city.
Hospital kitchen cuts hospital expenses, but not food expenses
For a long time we have seen that hospitals cut costs through centralizing food production for a lot of patients and achieve economies of scale in cooking and distribution.
Maten, miljön och människan
Om tio år har vi tagit ansvar för barnens hälsa och välbefinnande och ger inte längre vika för processad mat som saknar både smak och näring.
Matpadagoger - en resurs i skolköken?
Mat-pedagog kan bli ett nytt allmänt begrepp för kockar i skolor. För en skolkock idag handlar det inte bara om att laga mat. Kanske kan man t.o.m. säga att maten kommer i andra hand och pedagogiken i första. Finns pedagogiken med kan man intressera barnen och få dem att äta allt som serveras och även våga smaka på nya saker.
Do we all live in a New Nordic Food world?
The Nordic region has gained an overwhelming adoration from the world. But such a culinary cohesion, the idea of the ‘Nordic’, is ironically quite foreign to the people it describes.
How can a kitchen be a cornerstone of an art institution as a part of a neighbourhood?
When creating a different way to shape and plan a neighbourhood, a kitchen at the center of an art institution might be an ideal start.
Chefs as change agents for sustainability, food security and health
A growing global population, changing climate have lead to serious questions how to feed the planet in the future.
Creating memorable eating experiences while jumping fences
Our vision corresponds to the overall global tendency of social awareness. At the same time, the interaction between creative industries allows gastronomy to benefit from fascinating game changing inventions. We want new social space to be the platform of visionary expression, to find new way of sharing and consuming food.
Approaching New Nordic Food's disciplinary boundary
Let’s celebrate knowledges. You maximize impacts when working together across disciplines. Demand more from food and it will give you more. We would like to encourage people from farm to table to pose new questions around food when looking at it. Collaborate on interdisciplinary projects and contribute your skills outside of its realm from time to time!
The Art of Generosity
I want to see the end of the gastronomic cultural revolution fought exclusively from the kitchens and with the dinner-plate as its battleground. Instead I want to see the beginning of the people’s culinary revolution fought solely with the art of generosity, tearing down any division that keeps us from each other and prevents us from eating together.
How can the creative industries capitalise on the success of "New Nordic Food"
It is no coincidence that the Nordic creative industries are experiencing growth these past years.
Connecting Creative Potential
New Nordic Food has now been established as a way of thinking through out the Nordic Countries. The movement has during the past years been fuelling the development of more sustainable, healthy ways to produce and consume food.
Next steps towards "Realizing the Bioeconomy in the Baltic Sea Region"
Michael Funch
A number of networks have been set up and projects launched in the two years since the European Commission appointed the Nordic Council of Ministers as Horizontal Action Leader for the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region. A new three-year plan for the work was presented and discussed at a conference in Warsaw 4–5 March.
New Nordic Cuisine is the new normal
Interview with Claus Meyer, one of the six creators of the manifesto for the New Nordic Cuisine