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Helena Spongenberg

Transport policies in the Nordic region: Open or closed networks?
Helena Spongenberg
24/08 2011
The Nordic Ministerial Council for transport policies ceased to exist a few years ago although crossborder traffic is growing more than ever in the Nordic Region. Experience have also shown that grand crossborder transport projects can bind the Nordic countries closer together. Despite this increase and experience, it is still the national traffic projects that are prioritised when Nordic governments decide on transport policies. Analys Norden takes a look at what drives transport policies in the Nordic countries.
Nordic countries get an international voice in the Arctic
Helena Spongenberg
23/06 2011
Global warming has changed the Arctic and the region is now facing a very different future that many nations and companies want to be a part of. The Arctic countries are set to make big short term earnings, but at what cost? Analys Norden takes a look at the Nordic countries’ role in the Arctic debate and how they see the risks and opportunities in the Arctic.
Nordic countries are greening their economy more than ever
Helena Spongenberg
15/04 2011
While ‘green economy’ is quickly becoming the catchphrase of governments across the world, the Nordic countries are taking their green economy further than ever.
Nordic countries could boost regional defence co-operation
Helena Spongenberg
15/12 2010
While European Union Defence Ministers have recently agreed to reinforce European military co-operation, Nordic governments are also looking at how they can increase their defence and security collaboration in their region. Analys Norden takes a look at the shifting shape of security policies in the Nordic region.
Generation no-job - English resume of Analys Norden, October 2010
Helena Spongenberg
17/11 2010
A new study of youth unemployment in the Nordic countries shows that unemployment among young people has increased as a consequence of the worldwide economic recession. The extent of the problem is varied in the different countries, as is the degree of the measures taken to combat youth unemployment. How can the Nordic governments help the young generation face the future?

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